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For creating any website, you need to prefer two major keys: web design and web development. If you are making a plan for designing your website, you need to know about web design. Some of you are dreaming to be a web designer. But due to lack of basics, it’s becoming tough. Outsourcing training is here to provide and represent you with the best web development and web design courses.

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Why Will You Learn Web Development From Us?

‘Outsourcing Training’ is providing you with the best learning courses. If you are dreaming to become a web designer, then we are here to fulfil your dream and to enhance your career. But first of all, you have to know the basics of web design and web development. Take a look.

What Is Web Development?

If you are looking to become a web designer, then your startup should be more smooth and professional. Web development is a special development that fulfils graphics, animations, motions, and various visual representations. This is a website which is involved with the internet or an intranet. If you want to make your website look great and fast working, buildup and maintenance are needed for it.

For web development, you need brand logos, layouts, design content, and many more. Web design work is all about creating design programs, and layouts with various visual elements. If you want to become a web designer, you must learn to use various web design tools like Adobe, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and other tools.

Web Development Courses

Here, we are representing some of our web design and web development top courses. These course learning is gonna help to enhance your web development career.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Management System
  • Video Editions
  • Animations

Web Development (Course Details)


The full meaning of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. The structure of any web page can be represented through HTML.HTML gives the proper details to the authors for publishing any information including texts, photos, tables, headings, etc. Web development and HTML are mutually connected. Our designs are done through a well-formatted website.

Tools used for HTML

Tools like Sublime Text, Github, Sass, Visual Studio Code, etc. are the major tools which are used for HTML. As web development is all about the coding of a website by which your website will work faster and smoother.

ii) Graphic Design

Graphic design is the primary for web development for any purpose. The improvement of images, layouts, and brand logos is mutually connected with graphic design. Graphic design is a unique online marketing craftwork. For videography, web design creation, graphic design has become a major part. You can create your website with good qualities.

Tools Used for Graphic Design

The tools which are used for graphic design are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, GIMP, Inkscape, and other tools. Designers and publication working activities can maintain an excellent graphic strategy to build up by using these tools.

iii) Content Management System

For creating a website, content creation is a must. Besides decorating a website with designs, videos, and content management matters.CMS is all about the management of content that allows for creating, editing, and publishing, This is a digital software application that helps to build and manage a website even without code-researching. Besides, without web programming, this allows one to manage web development works.

Tools used for CMS ( Content Management System)

The tools which are used for CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many other tools. By using these tools, you can make your content more smooth and reachable.

iv)  Video Editions

Now if you want to make or create any website, video inserting is needed. Suppose, you are going to promote any brand or startup of any business, then this video edition is needed. Web design works to provide the best support here. Now the question is what are actually video editions? Video edition is a special marketing that helps in web development. Besides it also supports graphics, codings, image editions, and many more works.

v) Animations

Animations are the special process by which any images, paintings, or graphics are done in a digital style. For example in video making, the process of creating any video in 3D,4D, or 2D is done through animations. In web development and web design, working process nominations are done in graphics and videos.

Tools Used For Video Editions

The tools which are used for video editions are iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Videopad, and many more. Besides in the nomination working process, these tools are also used.

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