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If you want to decorate your website with content arrangement, web design, or such digital work is needed. For creating a web design, web hosting, web builder, point of sale, and other digital management are needed. Our ‘Outsourcing Training ‘is providing you with our best web design courses.

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What Is Web Design?

The process by which the concept of website making is done by various functional digital works is commonly known as web design. By using a desktop or by using a website builder, you can design your website. For a good web design, some basic guidelines you should know. These are:

– Collecting Domain Name.

– Setting up Email by the domain name.

– Collecting details of a website company.

– Management of Website 

Our ‘Outsourcing Training’ is providing you with our best web design courses. It’s a big opportunity to learn these courses for those who want to become a web designer.

Web design Courses

Here we are representing our respected web design courses.

i) UI /UX

Ii) Web Hosting

iii) Typography 

iv) HTML & CSS

v) Vector Designs

Design Courses (Details)

i) UI/UX

For working or nteracting with companies, products, or services, learning UX design is needed. UX designs are used for data analysis, aesthetic preferences, various research, and many more. It does not require any type of coding and totally requires various technological software designs.

Tools Used For UI/ UX

The major tools which are used for UI/Ux are Adobe XD, Figma, Framer, UXPin, and Sketch. These are the major tools that help to represent the UX design.

ii) Web Hosting

This is the latest and technological internet hosting service that gives the facilities of creating a good website. A web hosting provider helps to maintain website applications and files on a server. As a result, a website gets a good reach by customers. This is the easiest web design to access on a website through the internet. You can learn three types of web hosting from us: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Tools Used For Web Hosting

The major tools which are used for web hosting are Wix, Hostinger, WordPress, and WooCommerce.By using these major tools, you can do web hosting and maintain your website.

iii) Typography

If you want to arrange your content for creating any website clearly, you should know about typography. The art of arranging texts and letters for clarity and visuals to the readers is known as typography. Typography is all about fonts. layouts, and writing decorations that can make your website more reachable to customers. Usually, for good website making, typography is needed.

Tools Used For Typography

The tools which are used for topography are Adobe Fonts,whatTheFont, FontPage, FontStruct, etc. are the main tools that are used for typography.

iv) HTML

The full meaning of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. The structure of any web page can be represented through HTML.HTML gives the proper details to the authors for publishing any information including texts, photos, tables, headings, etc. Web development and HTML are mutually connected. Our designs are done through a well-formatted website.

Tools used for HTML

Tools like Sublime Text, Github, Sass, Visual Studio Code, etc. are the major tools that are used for HTML. As web development is all about coding a website by which your website will work faster and smoother.

Content Management System

For creating a website, content creation is a must. Besides decorating a website with designs, videos, and content management matters.CMS is all about the management of content that allows for creating, editing, and publishing, This is a digital software application that helps to build and manage a website even without code-researching. Besides, without web programming, this allows one to manage web development works.

Tools used for CMS ( Content Management System)

The tools which are used for CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many other tools. By using these tools, you can make your content more smooth and reachable.

v) Vector Designs

You all must have heard about graphic design. If you are looking for web design decoration, knowing about vector designs are must.

This is a special artwork design with points, lines, shapes, and curves. This is a good quality part of graphics to create your website more established.

Tools Used For Vector Designs

The tools which are used for vector designs are Adobe Capture, Sketch, Affinity Designer, and many more. If these tools are used for vector designs, a website’s capacity will look much better and outstanding. The clicks and impressions will reach the top position and rank high on Google.

Course Modules

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Web Development Course

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html web design course


css web design course


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