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Promoting online business through buying and selling products has become the most popular trend. But is this possible to place these trends on youtube channels, and social media platforms? Then the answer is why not? Here we are introducing you to one of the best online digital advertising program ‘Google Ads. For those who want to be a well-experienced Google advertiser, our ‘outsourcing training’ is here to teach you training courses. In our course, you will easily able to learn about setting up audiences, ranking top in search results, service marketing, and various strategies.

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Why You Will Learn Google Ads From Us?

Our ‘Outsourcing Training ‘ is here to provide you with ‘Google Ads’ training courses. As it’s the best online advertising program, you need to know more about marketing, using campaigns, and increasing targeted audiences. Website optimization is all about what you need to know about Google ads. But it’s very tough to get more audiences through clicks, and impressions through several techniques. So, it’s much needed to learn about it.


What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a developed online advertising program where advisers can build up their services. If you want to grow up your pages, and business by increasing targeted audiences, then you have to optimize your platform through Google ads. Google Ads help to display your ad easily to potential customers and targeted audiences. Besides, if anyone wants to provide discounts while selling any products, you can hire an advertiser to make your platforms reachable to buyers.


Guide Lines For Google Ads

  • You need to follow some automated rules including keywords, campaigns, audiences, etc.
  • You must check out targeted audience results daily for a week.
  • Try to promote your business, with pages with proper URLs.
  • Better hire an advertiser.

Course Modules

Besides following those guidelines, we are here to ensure your Google advertising career with many courses. By learning these courses, it will be much easier for all of you to set up audiences, and metrics used in the system.

Main Courses/Classes

  1. Introduction To Google Ads
  2. Create A New Account
  3. Create Conversions And Enable Conversion Trackings
  4. Create Search Ads
  5. Create Display Campaigns
  6. Run Remarketing Campaigns On Google Ads
  7. Run Dynamic Search Campaigns
  8. Create Discovery Campaigns
  9. Optimize Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads (Course Details)

1) Introduction To Google Ads

Google Ads is all about various features related to advertising marketing programs. It is the responsibility of all advertisers to create a high-quality ads.


i) Featuring A Strong Google Ad

If you want to feature a strong Google ad, you need to add good keywords, and run campaigns. By choosing relevant keywords, you can categorize them properly so that the ads can reach the top-ranked searches. Here we are providing you with other tricks.

  • Try smart campaigns for high-quality rankings.
  • Add images on websites to run your website with good audiences.
  • Make sales and campaign link stronger.

ii) Create A New Account

For Google ads to run, first of all, you need to open a Google ad account. By using ‘Smart Mode’ and ‘Expert Mode’ you can create a new account. It might sound to you (especially for new beginners as an advertiser) kinda difficult to create this account. If you use Manager from the page, you can create a new account.


iii) Create Search Ads

It’s more important to focus on using relevant keywords and creating search ads. Creating search ads has basically two categories: dynamic and standard.

-The first step is to create a campaign. For creating at least one campaign, filling out the URL is needed.

-The keywords should be properly matched with the products or services you will search.

-After writing ads, you need to determine the budget you will use for the ads.


2) Optimize Google Ads Campaigns

There are several accounts that are poorly structured. Due to this structural condition, it becomes tough for running ads, decreases potential targeted audiences, and lacks customization. If you spend a little time creating a qualified account, it’s necessary to optimize Google ads campaigns. Now the question is how? Here are some tricks.


i) Create Discovery Campaigns

First of all, you need to set up your campaign. After that, by setting up ads you need to discover the campaign. By gmail promotions, social tabs, and a single ad campaign can be reached more potential customers as they will browse every detail about it. So, it’s the responsibility of every digital marketer and google advertiser to drive more relevant ads through discovery campaigns. The more creation of campaigns, the more views of customers. If any websites, and URL links are designed with top content and images, visually rich ads will create more discovery campaigns.


ii) Run Dynamic Search Campaigns

As we know running campaigns have two categories: standard and dynamic. Running dynamic campaigns is the easiest technique to find more customers. Besides, it’s going to create your website to highlight the targeted audiences. Specially by using content, you can run dynamic search headlines through a lot of experiences.


How Dynamic Campaigns Work?

By targeting URLs, you can set your website or pages for more campaigns. By using dynamic search ads quickly, the landing pages will reach more traffics. If you are about to sell any products or run websites or businesses, you need to follow some categories for dynamic campaign work. Among them ‘Creating Landing Pages ‘ is the best category.


3) Create Conversions And Enable Conversion Trackings

Sounds like this is very complicated right? If you want your website’s customer activity to have high clicks, the impression you can create conversions. Conversion tracking has basically two steps: creating a website and creating the ability of website coding. So, google ads always provide the best conversion creations and tracking for more targeted audiences.

4) Run Remarketing Campaigns On Google Ads

Google ads create a good marketing campaign through dynamic searches. Setting up remarketing dynamic campaign is the easiest way for Google ads to work. For Google Ads strategy, remarketing is the essential part. Using google analytics is one of the major steps for proper tracking. Besides, you need to know about Google ad tags and tags implementations. The creation of remarketing lists is totally up to the creation of blogs, and targeted audience views. In this way, a Google advertiser will able to do marketing easily.

Course Modules

Learning Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Maxon Cinema 4D

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere Pro

Redshift Render Engine

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৳ 13600/=

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৳ 17000/=